Mongolia 2019

A photography adventure tour to the Desert of Gobi and Altai Mountains, home of the Eagle Hunters.

A photography adventure tour to the Desert of Gobi and Altai Mountains, home of the Eagle Hunters.

Within the framework of this workshop, Nick Bondarev and Max Muench will show you one of the wildest regions in the world, introduce you to the art of photography and tell you all about how to become a successful photographer in the modern world. During the 13 day adventure tour across Mongolia, we will pass the Flaming Cliffs, ride camels on the Great Dune in Gobi Desert, visit old monasteries and make friends with the famous eagle hunters in the Altai Mountains.


Participants 0 spots left
Duration 12 days
Dates September 18-30, 2019
Accommodation during the trip



Arrival in Ulan Bator

After individual arrival in the Mongolian capital Ulan-Bator on the 17th, we will meet for a first welcome dinner at a local restaurant to introduce ourselves and share the detailed schedule for the following days. You will be accommodated at Novotel Hotel in Ulan Bator.

September 18th: Way to Gobi - Flaming Cliffs

For the first time, Max and Nick will take you to Gobi, one of the world’s great deserts. As it will take about two days to reach the Great Dune in Sevrei, we will stop at the famous Flaming Cliffs near Bayanzag for the night. The area is known for being the place of the very first discovery of dinosaur eggs and other fossils. We will stay in 2-person tents, prepare a barbecue and will sit around the campfire.

September 19th-22nd: Way to Gobi - The Great Dune

After shooting sunrise above the incredible Flaming Cliffs, we will make our way towards the Great Dune in Sevrei. We will meet camels along the way and take photos of them during sunset and in the night. The sky in Gobi will probably be the clearest sky you have ever seen - millions of stars and the milky way will be our main subject for the night shoot. We will stay in local gers for two nights. For sunrise we will climb the Great Dune and have a relaxed rest of the day until the sunset shoot with campfire and camels.

September 23rd-27th: Way to Ulgii

It might sound strange to you but the most amazing part of traveling across Mongolia is to drive through the endless steppes, seeing no one for a long time, forgetting about the rush and stress at home and clearing your mind completely. Along the 1.500km way to western Mongolia, we will pass old monasteries and stupas, hundreds of goat and horse herds, and will learn more about the history of Mongolia. Max and Nick will talk about their adventures, editing techniques as well as stock photography and social media marketing and will answer every question asked. The overnight stays will a mix of hotels and wild camping with bonfires and vivid conversations.

September 28th-30th: Meet the Eagle Hunter of Mongolia

The highlight of our journey across this beautiful country will be the meeting with Kazakh eagle hunters which are famous for the Altai mountains. Before that and to recover from the long ride we will stay in twin rooms at a comfortable hotel in the center of Ulgii from where we also reach the local market within a few minutes. On the 28th we will head out in classy UAZ 4x4 vans to find the legendary eagle hunters about one hour away from Ulgii. We will take photos of them during sunset and sunrise and will stay at their place for the night. On the 29th we head out to meet Matei Barzabai and his son, the heroes of Max’ Eagle Hunter video. On the 30th we will have an incredibly scenic flight above the Khangai Mountains back to Ulan Bator altogether and finish the adventure with a cozy dinner.


During the time of workshop Nick and Max will share their experiences and knowledge, that they received in many years of hard work in the art and social media industry, with you. We will give you insights about how to create your own style, to find your audience and to start working with large companies and brands. Let's find answers to your personal questions and goals!

  • Photography. We will share our experiences in the fields of mobile, digital and film photography

  • Editing & post production. Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Photoshop introduction

  • Social Media Marketing. Learn how to enhance your Instagram and how to build your own community

  • Stock photography. Insights in Adobe Stock.


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Nick Bondarev

Nick Bondarev - Russian book writer, expedition photographer, owner of "Northern Winds" travel company. He creates stories about the interaction of man and wild nature, the history of cultures that are threatened with extinction. He is trying to convey to the wide audience the existence of other worlds and the importance of their preservation. Worlds, in which the 21st century is dominated by the power of nature, not technology. Where survival and the standard of living of a person are directly dependent on skills hacks in interaction with nature and other people.


Max Muench

Max Muench is a Berlin based photographer spezialised in outdoor, landscape and adventure. By following his passion to travel, he captures the beauty and diversity of our planet, always looking for a fresh perspective and a unique story. His photography works as the key link between an engaged community and progressive companies as well as modern brands & tourism boards.
Max Muench is also co-founder of German Roamers, Europe's biggest outdoor community on Instagram, as well as ATMO Productions Berlin.


Certainly, it is most important to us to keep you safe and provide maximum comfort while traveling through such a wild area:

  • During the workshop, we will live in the most comfortable conditions of all possible options that this region can provide. We will stay in hotels, local gers and comfortable 2 persons tents. Food will be adapted to the individual preferences of all participants, vegetarians welcome.

  • During our travels we will use comfortable UAZ Patriots SUVs, driven by local drivers who know the area very well.

  • Our speakers speak German, English and Russian.


Price per person


Please note that it is a full-board tour. You do not need to pay additional fees – everything except air tickets is included.

  • accommodation in hotels and private homes during the adventure (Sep 19th - Sep 30th)

  • transportation (incl. fuel), all transfers using 4WD SUV with comfortable seats

  • airfare from Ulgii to Ulan Bator

  • meals – vegetarian options available

  • National park fees

  • experienced local guides and models

  • Professional photography guides with great knowledge of locations

Not included

  • Airfare to and from Ulan Bator

  • Medical insurance

  • Visas (but we will prepare all needed documents for your visa – invitations, supporting letters etc)

  • Alcoholic beverages




  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with tripod

  • Selection of lenses as you prefer

    • e.g. wide angle lens such as 16-35 mm, f/2.8

    • e.g. middle-zoom lens such as 24-70 mm, f/2.8

    • e.g. prime lens 35 mm f/1.4

    • e.g. telephoto zoom lens, such as a 70-200 mm, f/2.8 or f/4.0

  • Your smartphone with battery pack

  • Small drone


Full list will be sent to participants

  • Waterproof / windproof / warm jacket and pants
    (consider the average temperature -2 - +0 C at night and +10 – +16 C during the daytime)

  • Your own sleeping bag if you like

The weather

We chose to travel in the beginning of autumn which is the statistically a dry and sunny season. It might be still warm and there are almost no insects in the air. However, since we will travel across several regions in Mongolia (we will even cross a time zone), the weather might change constantly. It may also be quite cold at nights and chilly (down to -5 C). So please prepare your gear accordingly. You may take even a suitcase on the tour, but we recommend to take a duffle bag or backpack – it makes it easier to store it.


Please take into consideration that - to secure the spot - we request a deposit of 1500 EUR. The policy is simple: if the tour is cancelled due to natural disasters or political issues, the whole deposit will be refunded. Otherwise it is non-refundable. In case you need to cancel your booking due to any unforeseen circumstances, the deposit might be refunded (tbd). The rest of the workshop fee should be transferred 8 weeks before the start of the tour (July 20, 2019). If you cancel the tour after August 4th, 50% of the sum is refunded. If you refuse of the spot in the tour after August 21st, the whole sum is non-refundable. You can secure your spot by deposit via bank transfer. Please inquire about any questions concerning your investment.


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