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In the second part of our Iceland journey you will get insights into even more stunning regions of the island. Additionally I will teach you how to make the most of your smartphones pictures with Adobe Lightroom.


On my last trip I was asking some Icelanders for their favorite place on the island and they told me “Westfjords” - a good reason to go there. Sadly four days weren't enough to hike and explore unexploited areas that could only be reached by boat.
Anyway the huge fjords and the rough mountain scenery, glaciers and green fields as far as the eye can see plus a vast number of waterfalls (they usually appear further away than they actually are. The following pictures both show the same waterfall.) deeply impressed @alinakondrat and me.


To reach this place in the Westfjords we went on a six hours hike in the pouring rain and without knowing exactly whether we will ever reach the summit I discovered from the opposite side of the fjord several kilometers away.
Eventually we did arrive, completely overwhelmed by the view that was offered to us. Even the sun came through for a while.
By the way: the tower to the right of @alinakondrat is only one part of the overall construction.
Only 20 to 30 meters further up, there was the so called "Elf Church" - a church of the elves. They are spread all over the country and some people believe in the existence of that culture for centuries. And as crazy as it may sound - who once felt the energy that emanates from such a church, knows what the people talk about.


This photo was taken from three single RAW images, which have been later compiled with Lightroom.
The advantage of panoramas is that you capture much more image information, the focal range is literally extended. With a fixed focal length of 26mm, as with the Samsung, one sometimes has to deal with a limited image section. With this trick you can easily make any wide-angle photo without changing anything on the camera itself. Like this the quality can be significantly increased by pixel overlays.


When photographing panoramas, it is important that certain areas of the image overlap with those of the subsequent image - in this way the computer can later calculate how to compose the images.


There are several possibilities when assembling photos: with Lightroom, these are spheric, cylindrical and perspective (in Photoshop you have more choices). Here it is worth to try different options - depending on the original photo one or the other setting can make more sense. Automatically trimming shows how the final result might look like.
I do further editing with my own presets (you can finde them here: FILTERGRADE), which I adjust to the respective picture.
Here I work with gradient filters, color changes and the Adjustment Brush. As you can see, I changed the green in the original image to a more brown colored tone – the reason is, that in my opinion too many colors disturb the image and distract from the subject, so I simplify the scenery a little bit.


PRO-TIP: Open the final file by a right-click with Photoshop and then right-turn it with the transformation tool to correct any bends or bugs.


The most famous hotspots in Iceland, you may know of the many pictures on the Internet, are located in the south.
The Route 1 or Ring Road runs around the complete island and if you don’t bring that much time it’s probably the right way to go for you.
With good reason - the ever changing scenery, the massive falls, black beaches, canyons and, of course, the sweet Puffins do not leave any room to be bored.


A hint for those who would like to be on their own or want to catch a different light: get up early! Iceland is most of the time very crowded - but in the mornings and also at sunset one is often the only one on site. Sometimes it is enough to just go a hundred meters further



In the north of the island you can’t see any tourist buses, only campervans and Icelanders. Even though it’s by no means less spectacular up here than in the south only few tourists find their way to the north. Even bigger waterfalls, steaming fields and mountains, steppe that reminds of Mars as well as gigantic fjords stretch over the northern part of Iceland.


I hope my second Iceland blog aroused the wanderlust of one or the other and encouraged you to bring out even more of your smartphone. My Samsung Galaxy S8+ is traveling with me again - this time to Mongolia. Right now I'm on my way to the remote north of Mongolia to meet a nomad tribe that is different to all other nomad tribes in the world. Why? I will tell you more about it in September!

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