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Allgäu, Germany. June 2017 on Samsung Galaxy S8+

Allgäu, Germany. June 2017 on Samsung Galaxy S8+

Living the dream through mobile photography

2012. I had just moved to Berlin for my studies when my smartphone suddenly died. Right when I had gotten used to checking the weather forecast online and taking photos of everything crossing my path. At that time, smartphones were the latest trend and it wasn’t scary anymore to hit the internet button because everyone knew what it was all about.

I was and still am a big fan of technology. That’s why I was willing to invest: I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3, which was the latest model at that time. It became my loyal companion for the following two years and it accompanied me on trips to Tenerife and England during my studies. There, I was working for a company offering language-learning holidays for teens. During that time I discovered Instagram and started to meet up with “mobile onlys” in London in my free time. We were out and about taking photos on rooftops and in the London underground night and day:

My excitement for urban photography was unleashed and my smartphone was literally glued to my hand. Still I was never fancy, never one of the cool kids because I didn’t own an iPhone.

So there I was, being 20 years old and single. Cleaning Schwarzes Café in Berlin every night from 2 a.m. to 9 a.m., going to university straight afterwards and working at McCafé from 5 p.m. for the late shift. And then there was my additional job in England, just for fun and to improve my English. I even had to spend the money I was earning on weekends when playing concerts for university. I couldn’t afford an iPhone back then but I was totally fine with it. The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was, in my opinion, even better than any of the cameras of other devices. I wanted to prove this to myself and to all the others.

Shortly after returning from Canada and Faroe Islands with my Samsung Galaxy S5 I went to Ireland and Macedonia with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Today, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 generation, I visited my 40th country so far. I travelled a lot through Europe but also to Nepal and Mongolia, Jordanien and Peru, Hawaii and Guatemala - mostly contract work for photography and online marketing. Time flew by so fast!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 proofed its water and cold resistance in Norway and Iceland:

Today, as I am writing this blogpost in Switzerland, I am holding the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in my hands:

June 2017, Zermatt, Switzerland. Samsung Galaxy S8+

Back in Berlin I will do my washing, charge my phone and then I will be travelling basically without a break until the new year. I don’t want to give too much away but I will turn summer into winter and winter into summer. Stay tuned!

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