The sound of the mountains

Ciao from the Dolomites! Last week I've been on a little journey through one of the most beautiful regions of Italy - the stunning Dolomites. 8 days, 6 friends and 2 cars, that's all you need to start the crazy road trip! But in my eyes, this trip wasn't only about the perfect shots, the best light or the most adventurous path: it was also about music, the soundtrack of hiking, the sound of the mountains. Music has been an important part of my life forever - I started playing the piano at the age of 3 and since then my head was always full of music and sounds and melodies, 24 hours a day. Therefore, I was so happy that my friends from BOSE sent me their new wireless headphones to help me to get closer to the things I love. In the following blog I'm going to talk about the hike up to Lago di Sorapis and about my - from now on - new travel buddy from BOSE.

Lennart Pagel is listening to the soundtrack of sunrise at Lago di Sorapis, Italy.

After the exhausting hike up to Lago di Sorapis during the setting sun, we set up our night camp by the lake and prepared a well deserved hot chocolate - surrounded by the peaks that presented a stunning view to us, especially after sunset when the milky way appeared behind the mountains.

After a couple of hours in the darkness I went back to the tents while the others were still shooting the milky way amongst thousands of shooting stars and satellites. Although I forgot my warm sleeping bag and took my summer version instead, I felt comfortable after a short while and switched on the headphones to listen to one of my favourite songs: "Goodbye" by Apparat, a Berlin band. There's nothing better than sleeping in with some good tunes. Oh and the headphones actually kept my ears warm during the night haha!

And then this happened:

Daniel Ernst, in my eyes one of the best photographers out there, is watching the peaks turning red.

The first rays of the rising sun started to paint the mountains around us red, more and more peaks started to get illuminated. Spectacular! I put my 360 camera on a rock to shoot a timelapse (coming soon) and went further down to the lake where I took most of my images on that morning. I just loved the colour of the turqoise lake, the impressive mountain range around us and the vegetation full of colourful bushes and flowers.

My most important travel gadget and friends Roman Königshofer and Johannes Höhn by the lake.

We spent another couple of hours by the lake, a place of absolute peace and silence - until the first tourists arrived. Happy to finally walk down again, I put on my playlist and were listen to it all the way down - I'm still impressed how well isolated these headphones are: the promised noice cancellation was doing a great job and I already know that I'll bring them on my next journey as well ... stay tuned: I'll be going to Asia for the second time of my life!

Can you spot the talented Australian photographer Matt Cherub?

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Thank you for reading! :)

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