Picture by Philipp Gladsome

Picture by Philipp Gladsome


Max Muench is a Berlin based freelance photographer spezialised in outdoor, landscape and adventure. By following his passion to travel, he captures the beauty and diversity of our planet, always looking for a fresh perspective and the unique light. Recently exhibited in New York City by Instagram as one of its best photographers in 2015, his photography works as the key link between an engaged community and progressive companies as well as modern brands & tourism boards.

Max Muench is also project manager of German Roamers, Europe's biggest outdoor community on Instagram.


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Selected clients: Adobe, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Sony, GEO, Heimplanet, Destination Canada, IcelandAir, Beautiful Destinations, The North Face, Vodafone, SanDisk, Avis

"Spread your wings and escape from the hustle and bustle of life, off to new horizons to refresh your mind and to seek the adventure. Because only those who know what wanderlust means, can tell the others where the paradise begins."

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